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Just Settled: When a Personal Injury Case Gets Personal

Righting a Wrongful Death Podcast blog post

In a recent episode of the Just Settled podcast, we had the opportunity to share our experience of a heart-wrenching personal injury case involving a home elevator. This tragic case highlighted a dangerous design flaw in certain home elevators, which left too much space between the door and the chassis, lead to a fatal accident involving a 2-year-old boy.

Throughout the podcast, we cover the emotional and legal challenges faced in bringing justice to the victim's family. These challenges included navigating international legal waters, as the elevator was manufactured by a German company, and addressing potential blame on the victim's family. Despite these obstacles, the case resulted in a significant victory, not only in securing a settlement for the family but also in achieving a ban on these hazardous elevators in the United States through the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Listen to the podcast here:

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