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Gates Law Firm has helped hundreds of Arkansans and others across the country. While each case is different, Gates Law Firm has recovered over $32,000,000 for our clients in a wide variety of cases, including car wrecks, a trucking collision with an 18 wheeler, a product failing, and traumatic brain injury cases.

Here at Gates Law Firm, you don’t have to bear this alone. We've got your back. We will get you the just compensation that you deserve.


Joseph Gates is a Trial Lawyer. He has handled hundreds of civil matters in all phases of litigation, including:

  • first-chairing (or lead lawyer) nine jury trials to verdict and second chairing (or assisting lawyer) five jury trials to verdict

  • first-chairing numerous bench trials to verdict

  • deposing and cross-examining multiple defense experts like accident reconstructionists, neurologists, life care planners, economists

  • preparing and defending multiple plaintiff experts like human factors experts, treating physicians, accident reconstructionists, neuropsychologists

  • drafting and responding to Motions to Dismiss, Motions for Summary Judgments, Motions in Limine

  • drafting and answering written discovery like Interrogatories, Requests for Production of Documents, Requests for Admissions

  • drafting and filing civil Complaints

  • negotiating and resolving hundreds of cases resulting in over $32,000,000 in awards

Joseph Gates has worked an assortment of civil cases, including:

  • Products Liability cases

  • Syngenta AG MIR 162 corn litigation (MDL #2591)

  • Dicamba Herbicide litigation (MDL #2820)


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